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We create style statements that resonate inside the minds of people.

Our clothing products are made up of superior quality material that offers style and super comfortability. We manufacture our clothing products that appreciate our rich indian textile culture.

Parrot Crow is one of the best kids clothing wholesale manufacturers in Tirupur, which is made in India and made for India.

Our goal is to help small and medium garment retailers achieve their full potential by avoiding intermediaries and increasing the profit margin.

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    Boys Clothing

    We offer a wide range of stylish, skin friendly and trendy boys clothing. Our clothing range is unique and is made up of supreme quality materials.

    Girls Clothing

    We offer a wide range of skin friendly girls clothing that create trends in the market. Our designers work passionately to bring aliveness in their designs.

    Why is Tirupur Famous for Wholesale Kids Clothing

    Tirupur is the largest hub for kids wholesale clothing. The market is well known around the world for its cheap prices and superior quality. 

    The competition allows for more significant innovation in clothing products.


    • Kids clothing manufacturers in Tirupur use only premium quality materials to make products.
    • They still use traditional techniques preserving the integrity of the textile industry of India.


    • Due to the huge presence of children’s clothing wholesalers in Tirupur, consumers get huge bargaining power.
    • The majority of kid’s clothing wholesalers offer discounts on various occasions and large purchases.


    • There are millions of wholesalers in Tirupur; this fierce competition produces fine quality clothes.
    • The competition also allows cheaper rates for the consumers.

    Huge Presence of E-Commerce Partners

    • Due to presence of capitializing market in Tirupur, E-commerce opportunities are widely impressive.
    • Tirupur thriving market also ensures an effective network of transportation facilities that connect it across all nation.

    Why Choose Parrot Crow ?

    Parrot crow is one of the best kids wholesale clothing manufacturers in Tirupur with 20 years of experience in kids garment manufacturing. A team of designers works passionately to craft imagination into a fashion trend.

    High Margin and High Profit

    • We promise higher-margin business output, which will conclusively make more profits for your sales.
    • We are using state of the art technology in the industry to deliver more significant gains in less time.
    • More moderate return costs as compared to other wholesale kids clothing manufacturers.

    Low Minimum Order Quantity

    • We offer our consumers a very flat minimum order quantity.
    • We guarantee that our costs are profitable and budget-friendly for our retailers.
    • We guarantee that the quality of our goods is up to the mark of excellence criteria.
    • Our garments are made with premium quality elements using high-level technologies.

    Buy Directly From Parrot Crow

    • The Retailers can buy quality products at competitive rates directly from Parrot crow with a low minimum order quantity.
    • Parrot crow is a legit brand that assures quality and quantity. Our products are known to create trembles in the fashion industry and challenge the current precedent’s norms.
    • Parrot crow expert designers have an impressive portfolio and a keen knowledge of the fashion industry, which they use to increase fashion standards.

    Refund and the Cancellation policy

    • If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you can return the product and get a full refund or exchange it for another one.
    • You can return a product for up to 7 days from the date you purchased it.
    • Any product you return must be in the same condition you received it and in the original packaging. Please keep the receipt.

    What kind of materials are used in Boy's clothing?

    Parrot Crow T-shirts are created from different materials available in the Indian textile market.


    The fabric provides a pleasant mixture of softness, breathability, and luxury for casual wear.


    The material is quick-drying and cozy. It holds form and isn’t liable to shrinking or stretching with multiple laundries.

    Cotton/Polyester blend

    They tend to carry their form well and aren’t at risk of shrinking an excessive amount. It also tends to be an inexpensive possibility against 100% cotton.


    It’s an excellent alternative for moisture-absorbing and breathable feel during summertime.

    How does it work?

    Follow these simple steps to place your order with us.

    1. Register your Account

    You can register a new account with us or directly login if you are an existing consumer.

    2. Select your T-shirts

    Browse through our huge collection of Boys T-shirts and choose the product that you want to order.

    3. Place order

    After choosing your order, place your order with our simple call to action system

    4. Make payment

    You’ll be redirected to the payment gateway, where you’ll be asked to pick your preferred payment system.

    Our Ecommerce Delivery Partners

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Kids Clothing Wholesalers In Tirupur

    Here is a brief FAQ to help you get to know our service better. For any other queries, feel free to contact us.

    How to select the best kids wear wholesaler in Tirupur ?

    Choose a kid's clothing wholesaler who provides a high-profit margin, low minimum order quantity, and superior quality and budget-friendly prices.

    What are the different types of boy's clothing manufactured by Parrot Crow ?

    Parrot Crow manufactures boy's t-shirts, joggers, shorts, polos, jeans pants, and denim pants.

    What are the different types of girl's clothing manufactured by Parrot Crow ?

    Parrot Crow manufactures t-shirts, lycra t-shirts, night suits, printed pants, 3/4 capri pants, track pants and leggings

    Does Parrot Crow offers free shipping ?

    Yes, parrot crow provides free shipping on orders above Rs. 10,000. Feel free to contact us for any shipping related queries

    Who are the delivery partners of Parrot Crow ?

    Delhivery, Gati, India Post, and Xpressbees

    Does Parrot Crow offer its services all over India ?

    Parrot crow is proud to announce that we deliver and operate in every part of India.

    How long would Parrot Crow take for delivery ?

    Parrot crow has an extended network of shipping partners across the whole nation. It usually takes 3-7 days, depending on the delivery location. In case of any discrepancy, you will be notified through appropriate mediums

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