Cloth Face Mask

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The 3-layer washable Cloth Face Mask features ear loops and three layers of premium Knitted Cotton fabric to create a comfortable, washable, reusable cloth mask for daily use. Made in the India using high-quality cotton. This will not be used in hospital setup

One size fits most. Available in 6 different colors/ patterns. One pack contains all 6 colours.

Masks are not returnable due to health safety concerns


Our cloth masks follow guidance for the use of cloth face masks to help slow the spread of coronavirus and COVID-19. These face masks are not medical-grade surgical masks or N95 respirators.

Not recommended in surgical settings where exposure to liquid, bodily, or other hazardous fluids is expected, or where infection risk through inhalation is high, or in the presence of a high-intensity heat source or flammable gas. Dispose after 20 washes.


Comfortable and washable.

Our 3 layer reusable Cloth Face Mask is soft, comfortable, and washable. Featuring Melt-blown non-woven filter and a double layer of knit fabric made of high-quality. We use a knit fabric, rather than woven, for its comfort, breathability, and moisture absorption properties.


Made in India.

We manufacture all Cloth face Mask from our factory in Tirupur. Offering job opportunities during this difficult time to many and helping them and their families. We use premium quality materials to manufacture Masks. Our item ships from our offices and factory in Coimbatore or Tirupur, India. 

Wholesale and Bulk orders.

We can fulfill orders of all sizes for customers of any kind. We can deliver masks to retail stores, big cloth shops, wholesalers, organizations, corporations, and government agencies to help people return to normal as safely as possible. Please email if you or your company interested in larger orders. Also you can place order in thousands from our Online store