With novel coronavirus and COVID-19 spreading so rapidly, the science has struggled to keep up. How dangerous is it? What will keep me safe? What works? What doesn’t? It’s a confusing time and it’s difficult to know what you should be doing. Now with recommendation from governments across the world cloth face masks requiring them in public, the question naturally arises: do cloth face masks actually help?

International Newspaper article - "A recent, extensive review of the research from an international consortium of scientists suggests that if at least sixty per cent of the population wore masks that were just sixty-per-cent effective in blocking viral transmission—which a well-fitting, two-layer cotton mask is—the epidemic could be stopped. The more effective the mask, the bigger the impact."

As we learn more about coronavirus and COVID-19, more studies indicate that cloth face masks are effective at reducing the spread. The evidence suggests that even a basic cloth mask, especially one that fits well, can be helpful. And the more people wear masks, the stronger the overall effect.

Our Cloth Face Masks are manufactured in accordance:

Face masks are most effective when air flows directly through the mask. So, we made our Cloth Face Mask with three layers of breathable, knit cotton that provides a barrier but allows airflow.

Air is not filtered when it can flow around the sides of the mask. Our Cloth Face Mask has elastic ear loops and stretchable knit fabric to form a more secure fit against your face.

A face mask does not need to have a very strong filter to be helpful. Our Cloth Face Mask is not N95 or medical-grade, but evidence suggests a breathable, well-fitting cloth mask is effective enough to help slow the spread of coronavirus and COVID-19.