Girls T-Shirts

Something different, every day.

Parrot Crow has been in the textile industry for 20 years, producing a wide range of different clothing with the best quality, color palettes, fittings, and designs.

As it is a manufacturer cum retailer, the price tags are quite affordable.

Its aim is "Make in India, Make for India," and they always strive for producing good quality with high standards without any compromise on fashion to the customers.

These are a few features that make us different from other girls t-shirts manufacturers in Tirupur.

Parrot Crow Expertise in Girls T-shirt Manufacturing

Parrot Crow's team has the lowest order quantity, unlike any other manufacturers, which is considered for emerging businesses.

We always put in our efforts to expand and raise the business dealers' good market value by achieving higher profit margins.

Parrot Crow is known for its quality and quantity and always looks forward to putting up with its originality and expectations in the market.

Parrot Crow - Best girls t-shirt manufacturer in Tirupur is inspired by the arts and designs of Indian textile production and creates stylish, trendy, and cultural clothing for our customers.

Why Choose Parrot Crow for Girls T-shirts Wholesale?

Parrot Crow is one of the best-branded t-shirt wholesalers in Tirupur, known for its finest quality and neat stitching skills.

Here are some other factors why Parrot Crow is unique from others:

Low Minimum Order Quantity

  • Unlike other manufacturing industries, there is a very minimum order quantity, without too many rules involved.
  • The clothing here is very economical, which can be the best choice for the working class.
  • We produce and deliver good quality and perfect quantity.
  • High Margin and High Profit

  • One of our intentions is to acquire more earnings by increasing our sales and marketing.
  • We here use ultra-modern technologies to increase the profit scale within no time.
  • Higher-income, as compared to any other bulk stores.
  • Premium Quality

  • As discussed, there isn't any compromise on the quality, and we deliver our consumers with the finest of the fabrics.
  • We manufacture skin-friendly design clothing and 100% pure cotton material.
  • After manufacturing, there are detailed quality measures that are followed before producing in the market.
  • Cinematic Designs

  • We have a team of zealous and workaholic designers at Parrot Crow with up-to-date market trends.
  • The t-shirts are designed so that they are quite spunky, creative, and comfortable to wear.
  • Our designers always work to keep up the design balance and produce the best.
  • Environment Friendly

  • Here, t-shirts are printed with feasible and eco-friendly, non-plastic dyes.
  • We use high-tech processing facilities to avoid carbon footprint technology.
  • In the next few years, we are aiming for 0% greenhouse emissions from its production plants.
  • We are a Wholesale Manufacturer

  • With the best quality and quantity, you can buy at economical prices directly from the manufacturer.
  • Parrot Crow is a fashion mania that creates huge changes in the current style trends and can be marked as a fashion milestone.
  • We have an exclusive fabrication service that deals with identifiable product creation and distribution.
  • Materials Used in Manufacturing Girls T-shirts

    We design and deliver you the best and variety of materials available in the market.


    One of the best and most used fabrics is strong enough for rough and tough use and flexible to handle.


    The substance is rapid-drying and comfortable. It remains in its original texture and composition and doesn't wear out easily.

    Cotton/Polyester blend

    This is another good fabric that doesn't sink or lose its quality.


    It's an outstanding cotton alternative for the summertime. It provides moisture-absorption and breathable sensations.

    How To Order Girls T-shirts

    Just four simple steps to follow:

    Step-1: Register Your Account

    Register with your account on the website and then log in with your credentials. You're in.

    Step-2: Browse your product

    Then shop what you're looking for in the search bars provided, select them, and add them to the cart.

    Step-3: Confirm the order

    Go to the cart, cross-check with your order, quantity and then click on place order, with our simple call to action system.

    Step-4: Make Payment

    Finally, you will be redirected to the payment page, fill in the required fields and click on finish. Yay, you're done.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here is a brief FAQ to help you get to know our service better. For any other queries, feel free to contact us.

    How to select the best t-shirt manufacturer in Tirupur?

    There are many manufacturers in Tirupur, out of which Parrot Crow is known for its economical prices, good quantity, and best quality in the market.

    What are the different types of girl's clothing manufactured by Parrot Crow?

    Parrot Crow is known for its best products that are trendy in the current market. It is a manufacturer cum retailer, where you can shop at affordable prices. We design both girls and boys clothing.

    Parrot Crow manufactures girl's t-shirts, joggers, shorts, cycling shorts, leggings, pyjamas, cotton leggings, printed leggings, and lycra leggings

    Does Parrot Crow offer free shipping?

    Yes, based on the orders and occasions, free shipping is available

    Does Parrot Crow offer its services all over India?

    Yes, Parrot Crow trends are all over India, with fast and best delivery services.

    How long would Parrot Crow take for delivery?

    Parrot Crow delivers you with the best and fast delivery services all over India. A maximum of 3-7 days is required to deliver at any corner in the country.

    Who are the delivery partners of Parrot Crow?

    The eCommerce delivery patterns are Delhivery, Gati, XpressBees, BlueDart,and Indian Post.