Boys T-Shirts Wholesale

Something different, every day.

We at Parrot Crow are very proud to provide 20 years of export experience in kid's clothing, especially in boys t-shirts.

Our ultimate goal is to create products of international standards and make them affordable for the middle-class population.

Parrot Crow Expertise in T-shirt Manufacturing

Our focus is on providing a very low minimum order quantity which ultimately benefits small and medium-scale retailers.

Our business strategy ensures a higher-margin business output, which ultimately increases the turnover of the retail traders.

Parrot Crow as a kid’s clothing brand has been working for 20 years, to push the limits of creativity and innovation, to provide clothes of international standards.

We also try to infuse ancient Indian knowledge and craft to create products in our manufacturing setup, which are very modern but aesthetic, at the same time.

Best Boys T-shirts Manufacturer in Tirupur

Parrot Crow provides a very low minimum order quantity that benefits small and medium retailers.

We have a higher-margin business output because we produce wholesale t-shirts in Tirupur and thus increasing the turnover of retail traders.

We strive to ensure the highest standards of quality and in the market and constantly work on our innovations and creativity to push our limits.

Our company uses the rich and traditional Indian textile Knowledge and craft to provide you the best-in-class textiles.

Why Choose Parrot Crow for Boys T-shirt Wholesale?

We are the best boys t-shirt manufacturer in Tirupur because of our creativity and craft with the fabrics. And here are some of the points which make us your Number 1 option.

Low Minimum Order Quantity

  • We provide our customers with a very low minimum order quantity for buying branded t-shirts in Tirupur.
  • Our products qualify the standards of excellence in the quality of our clothes.
  • We ensure that our products are budget-friendly and our customers remain happy.

    High Margin High Profit

  • We are a leading brand having a high margin and will gain further profits in the future.
  • Our Best-in-class infrastructure helps to generate more affordable pricing.
  • Compared to other bulk retailers, more modest return prices.
  • Supreme Quality

  • Our t-shirts are internationally recognized for their premium quality and comfort.
  • Our t-shirts are made up of 100% cotton yarn, thus making them light and durable.
  • Goes through strict quality checks for the complete satisfaction of our clients.

    Unique Designs

  • Our designers work day and night passionately to make creative designs that are trendsetters in this industry.
  • We design and manufacture the boy’s t-shirts in Tirupur, which are modern and look aesthetic.
  • Our t-shirts are very skin-friendly and made of bio-washed fabric.

    Environment friendly

  • Our t-shirts are printed on non-plastic dyes, which are very eco-friendly.
  • We use advanced technologies that reduce the carbon footprint.
  • Thus, we, at Parrot Crow aim for 0% carbon emission in the coming years.

    We are a Wholesale Manufacturer

  • Being a boys t-shirt wholesaler from Tirupur, we ensure that the retailers get good quality products at a much affordable price.
  • We promise you our quality of products which are supposed to create waves in this industry.
  • We have a manufacturing plant that makes our uniquely attractive goods and products.

    20 years of Experience

  • We have been continuously proving our uniqueness for the last 20 years, through our products.
  • Every day we try to better our designs and quality of clothes.
  • And our goal is to help the retailers grow in every possible way through our quality products, their manufacturing, and delivery.
  • What Kind of Materials are used in Boys T-shirts?

    We always strive to provide you a wide range of materials available in the market.


    It is light and absorbs moisture very well, thus can be worn during the summers.


    It provides comfort and helps in keeping the body warm during the winters.


    It dries very quickly and doesn't lose shape even after washing multiple times.

    Cotton/Polyester blend

    They tend to carry their form well and aren't at risk of shrinking an excessive amount.

    How to Order Boys T-shirts?

    Follow these simple steps to place your order with us.

    1. Register Your Account

    You have to register yourself on our website through your email id and password.

    2. Choose your products

    Now you are free to browse through our wide range of trendy clothes and choose the product you like.

    3. Place your order

    Finished choosing your order? Then simply place the order through our simple call to action system.

    4. Make payment

    You will then be directed to the payment gateway, and you can choose your preferred payment method.

    Our Delivery Partners

    Our delivery partners help to deliver your orders throughout India.

  • Delhivery
  • Gati
  • Xpressbees
  • Blue Dart
  • India Post
  • Frequently Asked Questions About T-shirt Wholesalers In Tirupur

    Thus, below are some FAQs that help you know us better. If any more queries, always feel free to contact us.

    1. How to select the best t-shirt manufacturer in Tirupur?

    Search for boys t-shirts wholesale Tirupur or boys t-shirt manufacturer Tirupur on Google (Search or Maps). Then see their range of products, quality & materials, and compare their prices with various sellers.

    2. What are the different types of boys clothing manufactured by Parrot Crow?

    Parrot Crow manufactures t-shirts, joggers, shirts, polos, jeans pants, and denim pants.

    3. Does Parrot Crow offer free shipping?

    Yes, parrot crow provides free shipping on orders above Rs. 10,000. Feel free to contact us for any shipping related queries.

    4. Does Parrot Crow offer its services all over India?

    Being branded t-shirt manufacturers in Tirupur, Yes, Parrot crow offers its services all over India.

    5. How long would Parrot Crow take for delivery?

    It takes 3-7 business days to deliver your order. Any changes will be notified to you through appropriate communications channels.

    6. Who are the delivery partners of Parrot Crow?

    Delhivery, Gati, India Post, and Xpressbees.