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I hope you are doing well today. I'd like to give you some tips on how to find wholesale baby clothing suppliers. Baby clothing is a very popular category. Kids constantly outgrow their clothing so parents need to buy new clothing which means they'll go to stores more often, they'll go shop online more often and the sellers who sell children's clothing can turn over their merchandise as well more often.


Questions you should ask upfront to any wholesale supplier


The questions you should ask upfront to any supplier should be 

  1. Do you sell one-offs?
  2.  What are the payment terms?
  3.  Are there discounts for full payment upfront?
  4. What are your return policies? 
  5. Is there a restocking fee?
  6. How many days till we have to inspect the product before we take ownership?
  7.  Are there any delivery fees?
  8.  What method do you use to ship? 
  9.  What happens if a product arrives late?
  10. What quantities do price breaks happen?

Contact trade associations and manufacturers directly.


Now in general you could find wholesalers that deal with baby clothing very easily. You can also visit the websites of trade associations that represent clothing manufacturers and clothing brands and requests from them a list of children's brands and wholesalers. It could be a way to make some really good progress and finding some really good wholesale sources for baby clothing.

It's always good to buy from a supplier or wholesaler that has a presence in your country


The reason you should ask where your offices are can save you a lot of time and money on legal issues. Because if any problem arrives you don't have to go to a foreign country to resolve it in a foreign court.

It'll help you on the backend and also not have to deal with so many logistical issues.  


If you want to order from a foreign supplier you should ask them, if there is a contact or a distributor in your operating country.


Now if they have offices or presence in the country that you're purchasing in then they'll be able to quote you what the total price is going to be out the door with all those taxes and fees apply.


If they don't have a point of contact or a distributor in that area you're going to be in charge of making sure that all the importing fees and any kind of taxes are gonna be calculated that you got to pay them upfront. 


The question of how long have you been in business


Now a lot of times, many wholesale businesses may look like they've been established and they have a huge presence but some of the times they’re only sourcing or they're grabbing materials from other suppliers and there they're not necessarily creating their own products. If that happens the supply of those products may diminish before you get your hands on them. So knowing how long they've been in business and what their business is acting like is going to be a very important question.


This is going to be one that's going to put you at ease or make you worry just a little bit less about their capabilities of actually delivering as promised.


A new startup got into the business and you're buying from them then you need to know that they're going to be able to supply the products that you ordered. 


 What are the Payment terms

It's going to be another question that you definitely want to make sure, ask the wholesaler what they demand Upfront. Make sure it's a legit company and you're gonna be able to get your money back if anything goes wrong. Most of the times they do have payment terms half on the front and a half on delivery, but once you kind of establish a relationship with them, then you can get better terms. 

You should always clear the return policies, so sometimes it may not go as planned and you may need to return a product if it's bad or if it's manufactured incorrectly or maybe you got the wrong colour or the wrong style or the wrong product altogether, that's gonna be something that you're gonna need to know upfront what their return policy is in regards to giving them the product back and getting you a new one or just if it came out bad and you're working you weren't happy with the quality of whatever it was is, can you return it and get your money back or do they have a restocking fee or do they just apply for a credit on a future order those are all gonna be the questions that you want to definitely ask them so you know ahead of time before you place an order. 


Same goes for if the product arrives late. If a product isn't there on time then are you able to get a credit or a refund or some future credit

to make up for it. If a product arrives late then you're gonna be on the hook because you may need to have the order in and sold into a retail store or you may need the order to meet that deadline to get that launch going properly. Those are all things which can happen and all of them are equally important so definitely make sure to consider every

single one of these questions when you're approaching suppliers, vendors or manufacturers.


Thank you all for reading and stay tuned while we

talk more about wholesale buying and more about how to start your clothing line or your brand.

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